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Your system administrator can configure the application so that users can self-register. For private cloud instances, contact support to configure this functionality. On public cloud instances, it is currently not available.

If self-registration is enabled, go to the start page and click «Register». Provide your e-mail and a password, and then proceed. After registration you should receive an activation e-mail to complete the registration via double opt-in. The activation link is valid for 24 hours. This duration is configurable on on-premise and private cloud instances.

All newly registered users have to set a password before their first log-in. The password field has an indicator for password security on the right side; a secure password gets at least three out of four points. To get three points, your password has to have eight or more characters, and needs to contain at least three different classes of characters (small letters, capital letters, numbers, special characters). After setting the password, you can proceed to log in.