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Edit user profile

Every user can edit their own profile. In addition, administrators and organisation super users can edit some properties of a user account, such as the role and organisation it is associated with. To edit your profile, click on the profile icon in the main toolbar. On the profile page, you have the following options:

  • Change Password: Similar to the process used when confirming a registration, you can change your password here. Please keep in mind that the same rules for safe passwords apply!
  • Change E-Mail address: Every profile needs to have a unique, valid e-mail address.
  • Add Contact Information: These standard contact info fields help other users reach out to you and can be used for the metadata autofill rules.
  • Assign an Organisation: As organisation superuser or administrator, you can change your organisation association and role within the organisation.
  • Add user-defined fields: Such fields are used to save user-defined values for metadata autofill rules. You and your organisation should agree on the keys for these user-defined fields so that they can be used effectively in the autofill rules.

The username cannot be edited.


If you'd like to see a proper portrait picture or avatar, use Gravatar to add a picture of your choice to your e-mail address.