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Create a schema by uploading a schema file

A schema describes the structure of a data set through the definition of types and their properties. Schemas can be imported from multiple types of data sources, such as databases, XML schema files, *.json.hsd files, or even a Shapefile. They can also be created directly in hale connect using the built-in modelling tools.

To create a new schema using a schema file, follow this workflow logged in as a Theme Manager or Superuser:

  1. Go to “Schemas” on the main toolbar

  2. Go to “Create new schema” at the bottom of the schema list

  3. Select creation method. In the first step, select «Upload schema file». Click «Continue»

  4. Define schema. Next, define the schema you want to use. The schema definition is determined by the creation method.

    • Click the «Select file(s)» button and navigate to the desired schema file (XSD) or drag a schema file to «Drop file(s) here». If you want to create a schema for a shapefile, upload the shapefile and hale»connect will automatically extract the schema. If you want to create a schema for a GeoPackage, export a .json.hsd (Hale Schema Definition) file from hale»studio and upload it. When you are finished, click «Continue»

    • Add information. Provide the name, author, type and version of your schema. When you are finished, click «Continue»

    • Confirm creation. In the final step, review your schema. You have the option to add or create a theme for your schema. When you are finished, click «Create» to save the schema