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The Metadata section displays dataset metadata and service metadata.

Metadata categories display a red badge with the number of missing required metadata elements.

When values referenced by auto-fill rules have been changed or updated, the «Fill automatically» button will update the values in the metadata. For example: You update the address of your organization in the organisation profile settings. You have referenced the organization address in an auto-fill rule and you want the updated address to appear in your metadata. The «Fill automatically» button can be used to update the metadata fields.

It is necessary to re-publish services to view the updated values in the metadata.

Click on the title or the chevron to open a metadata category. Provide a value for any field marked with a red symbol. You can also edit existing values. Your edits will be automatically saved once you press «Enter» or move to the next field.

Metadata categories display a green check mark once you have provided all required metadata.