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Download services

The Download services section displays the operational status of your published download services. You can activate and deactivate your services using the toggle button in the top left corner. After activation, you manually start the publishing process with the «Publish Services» button in the top right corner.

The Download service panel provides a list of published download services. Click on the name of the service to open it in a browser and view the data directly. Click on the icon to copy the service URL. URL (Download-Service/ATOM) provides an ATOM feed URL. This URL can best be watched with Firefox or an ATOM feed client. IE11, Chrome and Edge do not have native ATOM feed clients, though plug-ins are available.

The Metadata panel provides a list of published metadata. To copy any URL to the clipboard, click the

icon to the right of the URL.

The Validation reports panel provides a list of results for a series of tests executed on published metadata and services. Click on the download icon to download the test result directly. Green checkmarks indicate that the ETF report is valid. Red X's indicate errors or a test that did not execute. Users can choose re-run the ETF tests for all resources listed by clicking the «Run all tests» button. Alternatively, users can re-run a single test by clicking the circular arrow icon next to the download icon. The yellow warning icon appears for resources with conformance classes that require manual checks.

A set of default conformance classes are executed on dataset metadata, download and view service metadata, and services, and can be configured in the theme. Tests check for INSPIRE compliancy. The number and type of tests executed on your metadata and services reflect your compliancy requirements. Visit Configure validation for more information. Direct download WFS service testing is not currently supported.

Tests executed on Metadata and Download Services:

TestConformity LevelResource
Common Requirements for ISO/TC 19139:2007 based INSPIRE metadata recordsXXX
Conformance Class 1: 'Baseline metadata for data sets and data set seriesXX
Conformance Class 2: 'INSPIRE data sets and data set series interoperability metadata'XX
Conformance Class 2b: 'INSPIRE data sets and data set series metadata for Monitoring'XX
Conformance Class 3: 'INSPIRE Spatial Data Service baseline metadata'XX
Conformance Class 4: 'INSPIRE Network Services'XX
Conformance Class 'Download Service Pre-defined Atom'XX

The Service settings panel provides a toggle switch to flip the coordinate axes of your data set. If your data set is displaying in flipped coordinates, toggle the switch to correct the display.

The Service log panel displays a transaction log which describes processes executed on your data set and any errors that may occur during publishing. The Service log is generated by the service publisher.