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Create a profile

A profile describes the extension of a schema through the definition of rules applied to data model elements. A profile is defined by consistency conditions and tag definitions which are applied to schema elements. A profile supports customized schema extension for domain-specific use. A data model can have multiple profiles, which can be combined and used together to achieve the desired result.

Profiles can also be created directly in hale connect using the built-in profile modelling tools. Before you can create a profile, you will need to create the schema that your profile is based on. Follow the steps described here to create a schema by uploading a schema file, by providing a web address or by using a schema preset. There are presets for all INSPIRE models as well as for the ISO 19115/19139 metadata schema on haleconnect.

To create a new profile, follow this workflow logged in as a Superuser or Theme Manager:

  1. Go to “Schemas” on the main toolbar.
  2. Go to “Create new schema” at the bottom of the schema list, chose “Create profile” and click «Continue».
  3. Add profile information. Next, provide the name, author, version and description of your profile. When you are finished, click «Continue».
  4. Select the schema your profile will be based on. Click the «+Select Schema» button and navigate to the desired schema. Click the » to select it. When you are finished, click «Continue».
  5. Confirm creation. In the final step, review your profile. You have the option to add or create a theme for your profile. When you are finished, click «Create» to generate the profile.