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Create Transformation Project

A transformation project is a hale»studio project using the formats *.halex or *.halez that has been uploaded to hale»connect. The project contains references to source and target schemas, an alignment that defines the transformation by mapping elements from the source schema to elements in the target schema, additional configuration for the loaded schemas and configuration options for the desired output.

To create a new transformation project, follow this workflow logged in as a Theme Manager or Superuser:

  1. Go to “Transformation Projects” on the main toolbar
  2. Go to “Create new transformation project” at the bottom of the transformation project list
  3. Upload your HALE project files, e.g. .*hale, *.halez or *.halex files, together with any associated resource and configuration files.
  • Click the «Select file(s)» button and navigate to the desired project file.

  • Drag a project file to “Drop file(s) here”

    Version control is turned off by default. Enable the version control toggle switch to maintain a record of incremental changes to your transformation project. You can view the history of transformation project changes in the History section of your transformation project. When you are finished, click «Continue»

  1. Add the name, author and description of your transformation project if it was not automatically populated after upload, or edit the extracted information if desired. When you are finished, click «Continue»

  2. Confirm transformation project creation. In the final step, review your transformation project and click «Create» to save your project