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Edit display properties

A common issue with type and property names from data schemas is that they are hard to understand. They tend to be cryptic abbreviations, especially when they come from a Shapefile, or are defined using a foreign language. To provide effective view services despite this, you can define display properties which are then used for legends and GetFeatureInfo popups.

To set display properties, follow these steps as a logged in theme manager or organisation superuser:

  1. Go to «Themes»
  2. Pick the theme you'd like to change the configuration for
  3. Go to «Feature Types»
  4. Click on the properties of the feature type for which you'd like to edit the display properties
  5. In the table that appears, first decide which fields you want to be visible in a popup by setting the «Display» property to «Yes», and then pick an «Alias» for those that should be visible.
  6. Save your configuration by clicking on the «Save» button at the end of the table.