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The Transformation Projects Overview page displays general properties and settings of the transformation project, such as the author. Author is an editable property which lists the user who created the transformation project.

Hale connect attempts to automatically identify and link the source and target schemas used in a transformation project and will display them. When the schemas are not yet known to the system, this will not work. In this case, you can assign source schemas and target schemas manually to a transformation project.

To add a new schema:

  1. Click on «+Link Source Schema» or «+Link Target Schema»
  2. Choose a source schema from the list by clicking on the » button
  3. Click the «Edit» button next to the source schema name to change the schema.

Use the description field to enter a description of the transformation project.

Created and Last updated display the dates of transformation project creation and the last update to the transformation project.

The toggle switches indicate current settings of the transformation project. Activate the Public toggle switch to make the transformation project visible to the public. Activate the Subscribed toggle switch to receive email notifications when there are new comments or tasks added.