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The Transformation section displays the transformation configurations linked to your theme. You can add as many transformation configurations as you need. A common example is to upload non-interoperable data in Shapefile format and to transform it to INSPIRE compliant GML.

Each configuration consists of selecting the actual transformation project to execute on data sets belonging to this theme, and of a target theme configuration. Hale connect needs this target theme configuration to know what it should do with the transformed data – e.g. whether that data should be published or transformed again.

To add a new configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add new transformation configuration” to associate a transformation project with a theme.
  2. Click on “Select Project” and choose the applicable transformation project by clicking on the “ button.
  3. Next, click on «Select Target Theme» to choose a theme that the data sets produced by the transformation should be associated with.
  4. Click on «Add configuration»

In your transformation configuration, click on the project name to open the transformation project overview page. Click on the name of the target theme to open the theme overview page.

To edit the transformation project or the target theme in your configuration, click on the edit icon next to it. To remove a transformation configuration, click the red remove icon in the top right corner of the configuration.