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WFS and URL configuration options

Working with WFS as source data

hale»connect supports the use of WFS GetFeature requests as source data in the dataset creation process. The maximum downloadable file size permitted is 2 GB. The Paginate WFS request, features per request toggle activates pagination on the service. Pagination is required for data stored on a WFS server that does not permit download of the entire dataset in a single request. Using paging, smaller chunks of the data is downloaded in steps, one after the other. Users have the option to enter the number of features to request in each, subsequent paging request. The Ignore total number of features reported by WFS toggle will ignore the number of matched features reported by the WFS in a resulttype=HITS query. This is necessary in cases where a WFS erroneously reports the maximum number of results per page, instead of the total number of features.

Working with URL / API as source data

hale»connect supports the use of URLs as source data. This includes URLs to API services. Again, the maximum downloadable file size permitted is 2 GB. The URL download includes the option to provde an API key. Add the API key in the Authorization field if you would like to pass an API key in the authorization header of the HTTP request to download data via API. It is important to remember to update your API key as needed to avoid access issues.

Synchronizing source data

hale»connect enables users to control whether the source data is checked for changes. Using the Daily setting, the Keep synchronized with source data toggle will check the data source every night at ~1:30am for updates and if there are updates, the associated file will be re-downloaded. There are additional options to check the data source every hour and every ten minutes. Checking source data that is used in large transformation projects every ten minutes should be used with caution. The Synchronize now button will automatically check the data source for changes and update the file, if necessary.