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hale»connect API

The hale»connect platform can be accessed via API. The hale»connect API enables users to automatically execute workflows, change configuration settings, manage organisations and users, and many other tasks. A series of access URLs permit access to various platform functionality exposed via API. To begin exploring the hale»connect API in Swagger, it is necessary to log-in using your hale»connect user name and password.

Enter this URL in your favorite browser: https://haleconnect.com/swagger/

For on-premise users, enter: https://[yourdomain]/swagger/

wetransform can enable use of the hale»connect API for on-premise customers upon request.

Select Login, and provide your hale»connect user name and password to obtain an authentication token. If the Login endpoint is not visible, enter https://haleconnect.com/accounts/swagger.yaml in the URL input field at the top of the page and click on «Explore». Click in the Model Schema field on the right hand side to copy the code template to the body.

A valid authentication token is required to execute tasks via API, and to access additional hale»connect API URLs. Click the «Try it out!» button and copy the generated token in the response body. At the top of the page, paste the token in the field that contains the text api_key. The field is located next to the hale»connect API URL. Once you have logged in and provided a valid authentication token, you can use the hale»connect API to perform tasks.

The HTTP operation(s) available for each endpoint are listed. The operations GET, POST, PUT and DELETE are supported.

The GET operation requests the retrieval of data.

The POST operation requests that a server accept data contained in the request.

The PUT operation requests a resource to create or update its state.

The DELETE operation requests deletion of a state or resource.

When working in Swagger, wetransform recommends examining the endpoint, the HTTP operation and the written description of the endpoint available for each entry.

User service

user_service: https://haleconnect.com/accounts/swagger.yaml

Actions exposed in the user service include hale»connect login, organisation and user management, passwords, permissions and registration.

Bucket service


Bucket: https://haleconnect.com/store/data/swagger.yaml

Schema: https://haleconnect.com/store/schemas/swagger.yaml

TransformationProject: https://haleconnect.com/store/projects/swagger.yaml

Metadata: https://haleconnect.com/store/metadata/swagger.yaml

Attachment: https://haleconnect.com/store/attachments/swagger.yaml

A bucket is a container for objects stored in file storage. The hale»connect bucket service APIs provide access to files and datasets associated with each resource type. Some bucket service endpoints require providing a bucket id and organisation number. The bucket id and organisation id can be found in hale»connect resource links.

In the following example URL, the bucket id is abe0849a-5110-43a5-81e4-5880fce3f398 and the organisation id is 599.

Example URL: https://test.haleconnect.de/#/dataset/org/599/abe0849a-5110-43a5-81e4-5880fce3f398/files

Interaction service

interaction_service: https://haleconnect.com/interactions/swagger.yaml

The interaction service provides access to comments, tasks and notes on a given resource, as well as the forum.

Schema service

schema_service: https://haleconnect.com/schemas/swagger.yaml

The schema service grants access to schemas and profiles and enables users to perform actions related to schema locations, namespaces, and feature types.

Project service

project_service: https://haleconnect.com/projects/swagger.yaml

The project service allows users to access transformation projects, alignments and mapping cells.

Workflow manager

workflow_manager: https://haleconnect.com/workflows/swagger.yaml

The workflow manager service manages most tasks on the platform including transformations, validation, and status updates. The workflow manager service also enables users to access information about ETF Validator and Spatineo monitoring.


resources: https://haleconnect.com/resources/swagger.yaml

The resource service enables access to organisation settings such as usage capacity and CSW configuration.


reports: https://haleconnect.com/reports/swagger.yaml

The reports service provides access to validation results and usage information for datasets and services on hale»connect.


actions: https://haleconnect.com/actions/swagger.yaml

The actions service enables users to delete an organisation and get the default basemap of an organisation.