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Feature types

Every theme needs to have a set of feature types associated to it. These feature types form the schema of the theme and define what any data set belonging to a theme may and must contain.

The Feature types section displays the feature types associated with your theme. You can assign as many feature types as you want to a theme. A single feature type can be associated with many themes. To add a new feature type:

  1. Click on «Add new type»
  2. Choose a schema from the list by clicking on the » button
  3. Choose a single feature type from the list of feature types by clicking on the » button. Choose all feature types by clicking the “Add all” button.

If you want to remove the assignment of a single feature type, click the red «remove» icon in the top right corner of the feature type. If you want to remove all feature types of a single schema currently associated to the theme, click the red «remove» icon in the top right corner of the schema.

If you intend to use WFS download services with source data that has 3D geometries, you may need to strip the Z ordinate from such data. Activate the 3D coordinates toggle switch to remove the Z ordinate.