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Download services

The Download services section displays several configuration options for your published download services.

Select the service type of your download services. Currently, the only download service types supported are Predefined Dataset and WFS. Click the “+” button to add an additional service type. To remove a service type, click the red “-” sign next to the service. Please note that WFS published via hale»connect return a maximum of 1000 objects per GetFeature request.

Select the file formats that your download services support. Currently, Shapefile and GML are supported. Click the “+” button to add an additional, supported file format. To remove a file format, click the red “-” sign next to the format.

Select the spatial reference systems that are supported by your published services. Click the “+” button to add additional spatial reference systems. Users of your service can request views of your data set in the spatial reference systems you select. To remove a spatial reference system, click the red “-” sign next to the service.

Activate the Include attachment links in Predefined Dataset download services toggle to include attachment links in the atom feed. The attachment links enable users to download the attachments directly from the published predefined dataset download service.

Note: To add more choices to the list of spatial reference systems, ask your administrator to configure these for you.