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Q&A 10

How do I correctly map geometries?

There are several ways of mapping geometries correctly in hale»studio, depending on the type of the geometry.

Source data contains JTS (Java Topology Suite) geometries (e.g. Shapefiles)

  • There is a value at the level of the attribute with the geometry icon but this value only serves internal geometry representation (this does not occur in a xml file).
  • JTS geometries are used for all geometry related operations in hale»studio.
  • If there is a geometry object in the source data, it is recommended to use it for mapping purposes.
  • If a JTS geometry is exported from hale»studio, all information on lower level attributes will be ignored.

Source data contains geometry in xml structure

  • The geometry is loaded directly from the xml file.
  • hale»studio tries to generate a JTS geometry from it.

Complex geometry attribute in the source data (an icon with three dots is displayed beside the attribute)

  • There will be no geometry value at this level.
  • It should never be used for mapping purposes.

Complex geometry attribute in the target data

  • It can be used for mapping purposes.
  • The JTS geometry exists on this level and can be displayed in the Map View.
  • When exporting the data, hale»studio is looking for the best way to write the JTS geometry to the XML structure available under the attribute.