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Q&A 5

How can I use the File GeoDataBase (FGDB) reader with the command line?

The provider ID for the FGDB instance reader is eu.esdihumboldt.hale.gdal.fgdb.instance.reader and can be used after the -source parameter. An example of a command line transformation is:

"C:\Program Files\wetransform\HALE\HALE.exe" -nosplash -console -application hale.transform -project "C:\temp\buildings_fgdb.hale" -source "D:\FGDB\INSPIRE.gdb\a00000001.gdbtable" -providerId eu.esdihumboldt.hale.gdal.fgdb.instance.reader -Scharset UTF-8 -target "buildings.gml.gz" -providerId eu.esdihumboldt.hale.io.gml.writer -gml.geometry.simplify TRUE -contentType eu.esdihumboldt.hale.io.gml.gzip -reportsOut "C:\temp\buildings_fgdb.log" –stacktrace